14th September

Still alive! Sounds kind of dark for a beginning doesn’t it? – Anyway just a super quick one. I have a few entries in the works and spare time this week has been extremely rare so getting these done is going to take time. It’s so nice to just dedicate some time to relaxing and taking it easy, sitting back and just doing just that, nothing else. However these occasions are so rare now… A combination of ‘work’, reading and learning as much as possible about a myriad of different things takes the majority of my time and last night it was one of these rare occasions. I do feel kind of guilty for relaxing and taking it easy, that’s not a good thing, is it? It has been a long time since sitting down and just playing video games. It was great!

My good friends managed to accomplish a super long term goal yesterday and are no doubt going to be a little hung over this morning! So I would like to congratulate them on purchasing their new house. It took a year and half of extreme hardcore saving, working like a fricking lunatic and some seriously insane work travel times to get it done but they did it. This is pure proof that anything can be done if you set your mind to it! You need an objective, you need a strategy and you need tactics. No half assed jobs. They executed the plan perfectly and have improved their lives in so many ways. This is fantastic! I can’t wait to see their place in a few weeks’ time! Think I’ll pick up a house warming gift, perhaps a toaster or an identical kettle! Haha

Crap, time runs out again. 06:20, time to shift my ass.


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