Since September my schedule has been completely off the rails rammed. Every day something is going on, renovating, trading, friends, sorting things out, getting things moving forward, there are a million things to say here. Anyway, my day usually starts around about five in the morning and finishes about eleven at night, every day. It’s been like this for years… The weekend gone saw a period of eight hours of pure uninterrupted sleep! That’s a monumental achievement for this year! Even with all that is going on there is still not enough time in the day to get things I want done, done.

It would be great to focus on this online thing a little bit more but of course the limitations of time are proving a problem. There is now a backlog of entries to go through and I’ve not even made a start on entries from the past, let alone the photo sorting. A few days ago I was scrolling through my own Instagram and realised there must be one photo uploaded for every thousand that get snapped. That should put some sort of perspective on the amount that are stored on my drives. It could take years to go through everything. I do make sure to make time to reply to messages over social media and especially time for my friends. There is usually a time lag because many of my friends are spread out all over the world but I always try to reply as soon as possible. Facebook is my chosen platform simply because everyone uses it.

My schedule is rammed solid right up to the end of November but then it’s entirely free during December which is great simply because it’s the Christmas period and relaxing is the only thing I’ll be doing. The origins of ‘Christmas’ across all cultures actually date back further… much further than the majority know. Get on it, check it out. I have a feeling January and February are going to be insanely… ridiculously rammed as the end of the year draws in.

Just a quick one this evening.


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