It’s a grey day today. There weather is neither hot or cold, neither wet or dry, neither raining or sunny. Just grey. Perfect for entry writing conditions with dub techno playing in the background. It has been difficult to write entries the last few weeks but purely because there is about a million other things to do and the majority of my time is being used for other things. Like working out in the park and job hunting. There has been little time for thinking on a deeper level.

The last ten days have been spent searching for work, updating the vitae of curriculums, dishing out myriads of applications and cover letters but of course given the limitations with the visa and academic background as well as rules against foreigners taking up other employment opportunities it is proving tricky at best. So far no replies. It does annoy me because it’s not just a case of walking into any job and getting everything sorted out straight away, it doesn’t work that way but I can understand why the government has rules for this. I’m keeping positive and doing everything possible to make sure everything is running smoothly but just in case time runs out there is a counter measure in place but it will take up a minimum of three maybe four years to resolve. At least that is guaranteed sponsorship. There could be another option on the table with studying but I am unsure what will happen. Honestly, after spending longer than the usual two weeks here rushing about like crazy doing as much as possible and actually relaxing a little, getting in some fierce work outs in the parks with great weather, eating very healthy, sleeping well for once and generally enjoying everything here there is something on my mind which I can’t seem to shake… I’d rather die than go back to the UK. This is where the entry must change its tone otherwise it will go into another one of those hundred thousand word essays of spewed up foul mouthed piss coloured distastefulness. Alright, time for a quick break and then onto the next much more positive part.

Let’s continue.

There is something about Tokyo which is difficult to explain. Besides the vast mega structures, super big everything, thousands of amazing places, all the neon lights, modified cars, super busy nightlife, beautiful scenery, the towers, the endless supply of things to do there is this feeling… the best way to describe it is putting your headphones in, blocking out all the outside sound and just walk with deep music playing. Walk to one of the stations, get on a train and just go somewhere, walk around when you arrive. It feels amazing. A nice cool morning is good for this or late at night after the trains stop running. It’s definitely something that has to be experienced. Find the right music for the mood and just do it.

Everything is flat so a two mile hike to the shops over mountainous terrain and back becomes an easy walkable ten miles! It’s great. Makes me imagine how far could a bike ride go. My average before coming here was fifty or so miles on a mountain bike and my record after pushing it was hundred miles. I couldn’t move for a week after that. Here I’m sure that distance could be magnified and there wouldn’t be any drag from the tyres. Oh man, this get’s me stoked just thinking about it. This is going to be a real challenge if staying is possible. I’m going to see how far is possible with a bike configured for flat surfaces. Slim tyres, latex clothes… Sounds like I’m becoming a road biker… oh my god. Is that how it happens? Reminds me of that episode of South Park where he needs some change. Has anyone got any change? Spare change? – I’ll modify a mountain bike to avoid the road biker… thing. They travel around in packs here so you’d need more than a car to… do completely nothing about it. *grits teeth* A fairly large tractor could ‘mop’ a pack of road bikers up in a single pass! No witnesses, no questions. I have seen a few fat bikes cruising around here and yes they do look very fun to ride. It would be good to go on a tour around Japan on tour on a bike staying at various locations along the way. Perhaps something for the future.

The work outs have been fierce and it’s making a difference. My preferred place before was a park next to Tokyo tower close to Hamamatsucho station but there is a place by the Sumida river just north of Arakawa which has much more room and is completely open to the sun so not only can you brutalize yourself with ground based exercises like push ups, sit ups and cardio stuff you can get a tan while you do it! There is also a few sports fields so kicking or throwing a ball around is possible too. I’m greatly looking forward to getting over there during the warmer months. It’s rather quiet with few people around so it may become something of a topless venture. It’s been many, many years since having a full tan instead of a t-shirt tan. I’m sure if you climbed over the fence you’d have a completely private sunbathing spot if your into that kind of thing. There was a guy fishing along the side of the river yesterday. He looked… very chilled! He was either enjoying the liquid drum and bass coming from my back pack or he didn’t hear anything at all. There are hundreds of parks here and if possible I will visit them all. There is another place on the way to the hospital that looks interesting but not had time to check it out yet. Google maps is usually good for being able to see some of the parks before arriving but it’s raised up from the road so it’s difficult to see in. It could be amazing!


The night life here, I will say is the best in the world, period. There are countless places that could be recommended but there are some I have not had the privilege of frequenting yet but they are certainly a must no matter what. There is a roof bar that has the perfect view of Tokyo Tower in the Minato district and yeah, it’s got to done.  There is the Hyatt hotel which has a very swish bar and this is already planned for a celebratory thing. It would be good to check out the food as last time we only grabbed drinks, it smelled great. The jazz bands there are swanky too! Can’t go wrong with listening to live smooth jazz while overlooking the mega city. It has one of the best views I have ever seen.


 A few days ago I visited an Okinawan restaurant which had great food and then a very nice bar shortly after. The hangover was totally brutal but it was definitely one of the best evenings of all time so far. With the limited time we have together it was great to be there enjoying the food and drink. You know, one of those evenings where you don’t want it to end ever. That kind of evening. Perfect. I’m looking very forward to heading to a place called Choseikan soon for the cherry blossoms. The camera is most definitely going to see allot of action at this place. It looks truly incredible! It would be good to get some really cool GoPro shots. I’ve been so caught up in the moment that taking photos has been forgotten about! More must be taken.


It looks like my day is about to a begin and I’ve got to cut this entry short. It has only began to scratch the surface. Everything feels very good, new and very exciting. The walk to the hospital is about ten kilometres and this cloud doesn’t seem to the going anywhere so looks like dub techno will be the play list. Easy.




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