A freezing morning that turned into a glorious sunny day. Sleep was non existent last night. Besides the thoughts that wander my mind keeping me awake perhaps the sunburn could have something to do with it. The over irradiated skin isn’t that bad at all but you can feel it when you move. Ahh yes, perhaps the workout yesterday is why. Sometimes after it’s difficult to sleep for a few days because of aching. It is white day tomorrow here in Japan and it’s known for guys who receive gifts from girls to return the gesture. It would be romantic if you were to propose with a ring. After a trip to Kita-Senju two days ago there were a few things spotted that definitely needed to picked up. It was difficult trying to find one thing in particular but memory served well and there was another store that had something in. I hope she likes the assortment of things in the goodie bag.

Not much of an entry today. Updated some social media crap. My quest to find a rugby ball is still ongoing… Multiple cats spotted in the general area. There seemed too have been a monster sized turf war a few nights ago. The violence could be heard over the headphones and threw the wall. Whatever was going down must have been big. Perhaps it was an issue with whisker length in a designated area of the street or maybe it was so extreme that paw cuteness was not at the highest level that it should be. Difficult to tell when you can’t see them. They are in the shadows. There could be one in here… Not sure if the hostilities will continue. The situation is being monitored.

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