It’s Okay To Block

Blocking someone on social media. – Why it’s okay and why you should.

It stops abuse in its tracks. If someone is writing hateful messages to you, you don’t have to put up with this at all and so you should block them. You do not have to listen to their criticisms or opinions, especially if it’s misinformed without any facts. People who do this are not even entitled to a response from you, or even a view if you can avoid it. You have the right to remove these from your life, and you really should. Abusive messages can affect us far more than we realise causing all sorts of problems, so it’s in your best interest to remove them. Take it from me, it’s super easy to miss the signs of toxic people until they’re right in your face.

It generates boundaries between you and person harassing you. You should choose who views your profile as well as whose profile you view. You are perfectly fine to create boundaries and limits to what people can see or not see, whether that is with family, colleagues, or friends. You should determine what boundaries you require to feel good about yourself and function best.

It gives you space and your own space and time are important. Whether it’s a breakup with a partner who refuses to understand or a friend who won’t listen. An unfulfilled crush or someone you experienced something difficult with. Taking space and your own time is within your right and is often the healthiest thing you can do, if they refuse, this is abuse. Bottling up your emotions is a dangerous game and can cause the hurt to bleed into other areas of your life, or affect how you interact with certain people. Give yourself the space to heal without the interference of certain people, and maybe one day you’ll unblock them, or perhaps you won’t.

Another issue is insecurity. You don’t even need to have a personal connection with the person you block. Maybe you’ve never met them; perhaps it’s what they symbolise to you which does happen a lot with you even realising; it doesn’t matter. There is even less reason to feel guilty about blocking someone you don’t know. Even if you do know them, and they have no harmful intentions towards you, the sight of them could be making you feel insecure so they must be blocked. Maybe their life, their relationship, their body or something else is making you feel worse about yourself, so simply remove them from your feed so you can focus on feeling good about yourself.

They can remind you of hard times in which mental stress was maxed out. I don’t mind filling my feed with people openly discussing their mental health struggles, but only in a positive light so we can support each other but if they cross the line and it’s negative, that’s enough reason to block them.

To finish off this entry, blocking someone to remove negativity and toxicity is extremely important. I don’t want hate speech on my social media platforms or private personal crap being spilled out everywhere when there is no need, and I simply won’t allow it. So if someone is being a total dick or any causing other forms of negativity, I will block them. As I don’t want to see it, and I don’t want to play a role in allowing it. I don’t need or want to be surrounded by people complaining all the time and not recognising that most of the problems they have are caused by themselves, not always and I will try to understand this but when it’s blatantly obvious, it’s time for them to be blocked.

You do not owe anyone a presence on your social media. Blocking someone is an action within your power, a statement that you can make, or a choice you can make in favour of your mental health and wellbeing, it took me years to understand this and I should have made these decisions much sooner. Social media affects us in many ways, and one of the manners in which we can counteract negativity is is through refining our feeds to be a place of comfort, fun and friendship. You can choose to follow accounts and people that suit your values, that make you feel better about who you are, that feed you to grow. It isn’t petty to block someone; it’s wise, as you’re recognising what you need and carrying that out.

You’re wellbeing is important!

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