Cwmcarn – Mountain Biking in South Wales, UK

Located in most southern region of Wales, UK there is Cwmcarn mountain bike trials. It’s about thirty minutes out from the Severn bridge and it’s pretty easy to get to from the motorway. Further up into the valleys there is Bike Park Wales and closer towards the Swansea area there is Afan which are also highly recommended and will definitely appear in future posts. Once you arrive at the centre you will find a café selling hot drinks and face fillers. The usual bike facilities can be found here along with a large carpark outfitted with an onsite bike shop. (Link below)Hip-POV

There are two lengthy trials, one called the Cafall trial and one called the Twrch trial. Both of the trials are fairly challenging in spots and you’ll want to keep your focus when making your way around watching out for rocks, drops, roots and tree stumps. If you ride here in the summer then you’ll be greeted with pleasant views across the Bristol Channel when you find yourself in the opened up areas. However, if you find yourself up there in the winter you can expect a very chilly ride with very little sun light in some areas. This one part has very dense pine trees that’ll play with your senses! You can find much more information about the trails and the Pedalhounds downhill track on the website.

We had two opportunities to take our bikes up here and shred the trails and it was fantastic! Riding in the summer was amazing and riding in the winter was gnarly. We didn’t have enough time to put together a video but we did find these excellent videos on YouTube which capture the tracks perfectly! Head to Wales and check it out!

We also recommend local bike shop for bike rentals and servicing.