4th May – Tales of Allure

Found another one had been dishing out sensitive information behind my back. The best course of action is to remove them from my life too.

Your life’s mediocrity is like a song to my ears,
But one should never live life so full of fears.
Was that a rumour, a tale of allure?
It’s just envy, so perilous and pure.

You can assume I am edgy but call me what you wish,
Opportunities to change should never go a miss.
I just see through things, people like you.
A subjective philosophical point of a fucking view.

24th-26th December – Merry Christmas!

Would like to wish all those on here a great Christmas and Happy New Year! Don’t care about your religion, colour, political views, height, favourite eye brow flavour, if Santa is gender neutral… whatever haha – Big thank you for the likes, support, followers, everything! Big thank you to my friends and family too. It’s been a great year!

Hope everyone is good! Santa is about tonight so remember the mince pies and brandy. Have a good one!

Merry Christmas!

There should be nothing relgious about Christmas. It should be a time for ALL people to enjoy giving something to their loved ones regardless of view points.