4th May – Tales of Allure

Found another one had been dishing out sensitive information behind my back. The best course of action is to remove them from my life too.

Your life’s mediocrity is like a song to my ears,
But one should never live life so full of fears.
Was that a rumour, a tale of allure?
It’s just envy, so perilous and pure.

You can assume I am edgy but call me what you wish,
Opportunities to change should never go a miss.
I just see through things, people like you.
A subjective philosophical point of a fucking view.

13th March – Turf War

A freezing morning that turned into a glorious sunny day. Sleep was non existent last night. Besides the thoughts that wander my mind keeping me awake perhaps the sunburn could have something to do with it. The over irradiated skin isn’t that bad at all but you can feel it when you move. Ahh yes, perhaps the workout yesterday is why. Sometimes after it’s difficult to sleep for a few days because of aching. It is white day tomorrow here in Japan and it’s known for guys who receive gifts from girls to return the gesture. It would be romantic if you were to propose with a ring. After a trip to Kita-Senju two days ago there were a few things spotted that definitely needed to picked up. It was difficult trying to find one thing in particular but memory served well and there was another store that had something in. I hope she likes the assortment of things in the goodie bag.

Not much of an entry today. Updated some social media crap. My quest to find a rugby ball is still ongoing… Multiple cats spotted in the general area. There seemed too have been a monster sized turf war a few nights ago. The violence could be heard over the headphones and threw the wall. Whatever was going down must have been big. Perhaps it was an issue with whisker length in a designated area of the street or maybe it was so extreme that paw cuteness was not at the highest level that it should be. Difficult to tell when you can’t see them. They are in the shadows. There could be one in here… Not sure if the hostilities will continue. The situation is being monitored.

24th-26th December – Merry Christmas!

Would like to wish all those on here a great Christmas and Happy New Year! Don’t care about your religion, colour, political views, height, favourite eye brow flavour, if Santa is gender neutral… whatever haha – Big thank you for the likes, support, followers, everything! Big thank you to my friends and family too. It’s been a great year!

Hope everyone is good! Santa is about tonight so remember the mince pies and brandy. Have a good one!

Merry Christmas!

There should be nothing relgious about Christmas. It should be a time for ALL people to enjoy giving something to their loved ones regardless of view points.

Tenby, UK

Tenby is one of my favourite beach towns in the world. There isn’t anything super spectacular about this place other than it’s amazing in the summer and holds enormous sentimental value. It doesn’t compare to the stunning exotic places that could be found in Okinawa, Hawaii, Thailand and such but on a nice British warm summer day, who cares. For the best part of my childhood heading to Tenby for a week at the end of August was something to look forward to every year and all year. It beats any holiday, any day out, anything. Me, my best friend and his family would make our yearly pilgrimage to this small town on the coast of the south western part of Wales, part of the UK to indulge in sun, sand, sea and good old fashioned camping. It’s a good two hour’s drive from where we lived so as kids that ride was hell. It either two hours of looking out the window on the motorway counting how many yellow cars there were or doing our very best to wind each other up to the point of literal in-car fights. Good times! We normally stay at a campsite a mile or so just outside of Tenby, a place known as Trevayne. It’s basically a farm with a massive open space for tents, caravans with a few lodges on. It has all the stuff you need for a very comfortable stay. Best to just have a quick search on the net, it’s easy to find. There are also other campsites too that are equally as good, we have stayed at all of them over the years.

Tenby Photo

Anyway, you’ve set up camp and got the stove going with come coffee or a campers favourite… instant noodles. You can never go wrong, just add water. After you’ve made your way into the town, looked around and have managed to not spend all of your money in a shop called Equinox the sun starts to go down and you’re left sitting under the sky back at the campsite either taking it easy or cracking open a cold one. Trevayne campsite is situated close to a cliff so the view of the sky at night time from the top of the cliff is worth the travel alone. Oh yes! When the sun starts to set and the horizon changes colour, so does the sea, again that is worth traveling there for alone. So when the sky is clear after a roasting hot day you can see more than just a few stars, you can see into the galaxy. I would highly recommend a telescope but you can see star clusters and the galaxy cloud with just the eye. Combine this with the view across the bay of Tenby and you have a great back drop for some serious grill time on the barbeque. In fact you can see everyone else on the campsite doing the same thing. Tape some glowsticks to a frisbie! 😉

This beach town (being British) naturally has fish and chips everywhere you go, it had arcades, ice cream parlours, tons of souvenir  stores, art galleries, book shops, camp stores, dedicated beach shops for all your inflatables, spades, buckets, wet suits, surf and life style shops jammed full of goodies, craft beer stores, wood carving store, a very unique rock music shop, you’ll know it when you see it and my personal favourite. Equinox. All items in this store hold zero use and are purely for keeping somewhere in your own place. The amount of ornaments, beach related things, incense, oils, weird stuff around my place from this store is frightening. I have browsed this store for well over an hour and many times my best friend says I need to sign something to say I’ll actually leave the shop! Check it out.  I would highly recommend checking out Blueberries cafe just up the road on the right from the church and if you head a few shops up to the sea wall you can find another café on the right, can’t remember the name but it’s there. It has a view across the north side of Tenby. Having breakfast with that view, yeah that’s something good.